20th – 22nd December 2011

Posted by on January 7, 2012

20 December 2011

This morning we said goodbye to our friends as they headed off to Melbourne and planned our next couple of days. A brief walk around town and a bit of retail therapy saw Kit and I with a new dress each. Car Bingo is always present and we found a Christmas tree taller than Dave to add to our list.

We spent some time in the Wangaratta tourist information centre and collected a few brochures. There’s plenty of things to do here, for any level of activity. For those who are energetic, some wonderful bike trails are available to follow and you can even hire a bike with a basket and find your way around the gastronomic delights of the region. You can chose from wineries, berry farms, honey, mustard and plenty of food to keep you interested. All within an easy bike ride of your accommodation. Or for the more adventurous you can cycle your way around over 60 kilometers of dedicated bike trails to Beechworth and beyond.  There’s also plenty of history in the area with the famous Ned Kelly stories and Glenrowen nearby.

We made our selection and decided on a short drive up to Milawa where we tasted some incredible mustards at Milawa Mustards, settled on a Hot Honey mustard and off course a Bourbon mustard as well as a Blue Ox Rasberry and Vanilla Bean Jam.  From here it was a short hop down the road to Brown Brothers Winery for a tasting.  Peter is loving the fact I do not drink anymore and he has a permanent designated driver so he was able to taste all the wines on offer with comfort.  He selected a couple of wines that were cellar door only and we packed our wines in with our mustards and headed back to the caravan park for the evening.  A good day was had by all.

21 December 2001

Another beautiful sunny day and we are up and ready to explore more of the Wangaratta region.  Today we have decided to drive up to Beechworth to tase some honey and have a look around the town.  The Beechworth Honey shop is well worth a visit if you have any interest in honey or the importance of bees to our food supply. We sampled more than 20 types of honey from the huge selection and also enjoyed some Sparkling Honey and Ginger Nectar and also Honey and Lemon nectar.  Most refereshing on a hot day.  The educational tour was excellent and easy for children to view.  The family have gone to great effort to appeal to a wide audience.  A visit to Beechworth Honey is a must for all honey lovers.


A stroll around the towship of Beechworth and we visited the Beechworth Gold store, for those who have deep pockets, they also have items for all and Kit found a couple of nice gifts for some of her school friends.  We lunched at one of the many cafes and headed down the other end of town to look at some of the historic buildings.  To our enjoyment we were able to visit the local Telegraph station and Kit was able to send a telegram home to her sister.

22 December 2011

We awoke  today to more sun and packed up to make the trip to Melbourne for our boat ride on the Spirit of Tasmania over to Devonport.  A pretty uneventfull trip with a lovely picnic lunch stop at Shepparton where we were joined by a family of Kookaburras.  The drive into Melbourne was a bit stressfull with the van in tow as our GPS was telling us to turn but there were so many turns we missed the right one and had to drive around the docks for a bit.  Finally found our way and parked down the road for about  an hour or so before embarkation.  Had to wait in line for an extra 45 minutes as there was another ship in dock that was leaving.  The consolation of this and having a van in tow was we ended up almost last on but first off at the other end.

Parked the car, found our cabin and settled in for the night sail.  The bistro meal on board was reasonably priced and had plenty of choices.  The crossing was pretty calm and even though we didn’t sleep that well it was nice to have our own cabin with ensuite.  Up at 5:00am showered, dressed and ready to dissembark for the start of our Tasmania adventure.

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