Christmas at Wynyard

Posted by on January 25, 2012

23 – 26 December 2011

Wynyard Christmas Eve Parade

We arrived at Devonport before 7am and were lucky to be the first car off the ferry and through customs, where we were searched for contra-ban (fruit and vegetables are not permitted to be taken into Tasmania).  Fair enough – they have plenty of beautiful and healthy fruit and veg here and they do not need any stray bugs.  We were looking forward to stocking up on lots of Tasmanian produce anyhow.  All over with little trouble and we are off to McDonalds on the other side of the harbour for brekkie…….

Coffee and muffin, top up on the fuel, and we were driving down the road westward towards Wynyard.  Our plan was to follow the coast road and stop along the way taking our time to view all the small towns along the coast to Wynyard.  We travelled through pretty little coastal vistas such as Turners Beach, Ulverstone, Penguin with it’s big penguins everywhere and on to Burnie for a stop at the Makers Workshop for a look around and another coffee.  This time a good coffee and a freshly made raspberry and white chocolate muffin. Heaven!!!!

We meandered up the coast and arrived at Wynyard in the early afternoon.  Set up on our en-suite site which was to be our home for the next 7 nights and had a relaxing stroll across the road to explore a bit of the windswept beach.  The park we stayed in was Leisureville Holiday Centre across the road from the beach.  Beaches here are quite rocky but you can find places to swim and plenty of good snorkeling.  Check with the Tourist Information Centres or ask a local for the safest places to go.  It was a nicely laid out park with good facilities including an indoor heated pool.  The staff were typical of the friendly and helpful folk we have been meeting so far in Tasmania.  The en-suite site was a bit difficult to get onto due to the location of the road but it was just like having your own private entrance once set up so the small amount of juggling to get onto the site was well worth it.  Again the Managers and Staff did their utmost to make this as easy as possible.

The next morning we were up reasonably early to do our food shopping in town for Christmas, found a great local butcher and fruit and veggies shop, oh, and a bakery that made the most amazing boiled fruit cakes.  If you are looking for good home-style bakery we would highly recommend Bakers 13 Dozen, they operate out of Launceston, but we found this outlet at Wynyard.  Our experience with folk here so far has been most enjoyable.  Everyone is very friendly and laid back which is a big dose of what we need for our holiday.  Don’t get me wrong, customer service is wonderful.  It is a pleasure to meet so many smiling happy people.

Christmas Day we had a Lamb Roast on the Webber Q with all the trimmings and sat around as you do with happy hearts and full bellys.  It was our

Peter and the Christmas Setting

first Christmas away from the rest of our family and it did seem a little strange.  Kit said it did not really seem like Christmas but it was OK.


Table Cape Lighthouse

Boxing day we went for a short drive up to Table Cape and the Light House for a bit of an explore whilst we waited for our friends, Judi, Dave and their two teenage children to arrive.  To our enjoyment the poppies were still in bloom and we took many photos of poppies, lighthouse and the beautiful coastline.

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