Look out Tasmania…..Here we come!!!!

Posted by on December 18, 2011

OMG tomorrow we leave for our caravan trip to Tasmania!!!!!!!!!

The boat from Melbourne was booked months ago.  We also booked our first week’s accommodation in Wynyard.  Christmas in Wynyard.  We are spoiling ourselves for this one, an ensuite site so no shareing woohoo!!!!! Now do we decorate the van?  Do we put up a tree? Where will we fit all that along with the fishing rods, beach chairs, camping table, bar-b-q, portable fridge, tools, safety gear, clothes, firstaid kit, cameras, computer, books, maps, movies……..do we really need to take movies?????  Well it might rain and we might be cabin(caravan) bound for a couple of days?????  Oh my mind is swimming.  No TV!!!  I am not having TV in the van this time we do not need it.   A couple of movies will be all we need.  After busy days bush walking, sight seeing and exploring we will be too tired to worry about TV so can just sleep….. Anyone would think we had never travelled before.

We were so organised a month or two ago, now, maybe not so….. or maybe we are and just feel like we are not.  Why is it that we all get like this just before a big trip….adventure?  From past experience I know we have packed more than we need but you never know we might need it so just in case pack it!  Clothes – being Tasmania we need to pack for all seasons so layers, you can never go wrong with layers, at least you can peal them off if it gets hot and add more if it gets cold.  Plus we will need a few nice things if we go out somewhere, and shoes!! Joggers, hiking boots, shower shoes, sandles, flats, heels…… now you are going too far. How many pairs of shoes do we each need.  Pete will have 3 pairs at the most, Kit and I not so sure.

Pete wants to depart our humble abode at the reasonable hour of say 5:30am to beat the peak hour mayhem of Sydney.  How blessed we are that we live on the southern side of the city and will get out really quickly.  So glad we are heading south.  North takes about 1.5 hours of driving just to reach the other side of the city before we even get going and you know what they say “Stop, Revive Survive” every 2 hours…….we would never get there.

Anyhow, we are packed the van is hooked up…….. well we are nearly packed just a few bits and peices to go…. I hope we haven’t forgotten anything.  Was thinking this morning we should do some extentions to the van so we can fit more stuff in.


Our home for the next 6 weeks will be our old reliable Royal Flair Van Royce.  We bought our van back in 2000 for our trip around Oz and it has done us proud.  Because we had a 4 year old at the time we went for the family layout with double bed at one end and double bunks at the other with the kitchen in the centre.  It has worked a treat so far.  Our 4 year old is now 14 and we have temporarily removed the top bunk for more space.  We are considering updating soon to a van for the two of us to retire in.  But that will come later.  First things first… Lets get on with the trip at hand.  Our plan is to have breakfast and a fuel break at Goulbourn then on to Wangaratta, Victoria for a couple of nights before embarking on the Spirit of Tasmania for our sail over to the beautiful State of Tasmania.

Will keep you posted on our adventures so check back in a couple of days to see how we are going and if we got away Ok on Monday morning…….

Cheers for now

Kim, Pete & Kit


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  1. Debby Quinn

    Good Luck and all the best on your travels. Be safe and have loads of fun. Am looking forward to reading about all your adventures. Have a great Christmas and a even better 2012.

    See you on your return to tell me about all your adventures.

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