Mini Nomad Tour of Australia – April to September 2003

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Part 1 Sydney to Alice Springs

By Kit Age 6

Port Macquarie to Dubbo

We left Sydney and travelled to Port Macquarie for a quick visit with some friends.  I went for a ride with my friend, Lyndal on her horse called Arden.      From Port Macquarie we travelled to Dubbo where we visited the Western Plains Zoo.  At the zoo we saw a baby black rhino that was 12 weeks old.  He was soooo cute!




We drove for a long timefrom Dubbo all the way to Broken Hill.  It took nearly all day….


We went to all these places, I got a bit confused. This is Mundi Mundi Plains.  It looks very big.  Everything out here is big…..






While in Broken Hill we visited many different places.  Mum & Dad took me to Silverton where we parked our car  next to Mad Max’s Car.     We visited the vegemite painter, Peter Browne’s Studio.  He wasn’t there at the time.  We also visited the Royal Flying Doctor Service and Pro Hart’s Gallery.  We went to the Geocentre , where I saw some interesting rocks and some fantastic artworks made from solid silver.




From Broken Hill we travelled through Peterborough down to Wilpena Pound where we made some new friends.  We went for a long drive through the Flinders Ranges with our new friends.  We talked to each other on the CB radio.  We hiked up to a look out that we could look at the pound from.  It was very beautiful.  Dad and I climbed up a waterfall and looked at some aboriginal rock carvings.  There was only a few pools of water.  The rocks were very smooth.  The picture is of an aboriginal carving at the base of the lookout we climbed to inside Wilpena Pound.  It was very cold at night so we had a camp fire and toasted marshmallows.  It was minus 2 degrees Celsius when we got up in the morning.



We left Wilpena Pound and after getting supplies at Port Augusta, headed for  Coober Pedy where we stayed for three nights.  Most of the buildings are underground.  We went to an underground church and a house that three ladies dug out by hand. It took them 10 years to finish the house. They even had an indoor swimming pool.  We went for a drive along part of the dog fence.  It was built to stop the Dingos in the north coming down to eat the sheep the farmers were grazing in the south.  The fence is over 5,000km long.  We drove through the Breakaways.  This is an Aboriginal and local council joint National Park project to preserve some of the natural land in the area.

This day we went “noodling”.  This means looking for Opal. We didn’t find any but it was fun getting dusty on the mullock heaps.






We travelled from Coober Pedy to Ayres Rock.  This is a picture of Uluru (Ayres Rock). It is the biggest rock in the world.  It is very important to the Aboriginies and they do not want people to climb it.  We went for a walk around part of Uluru and took some pictures where it was allowed to do so.  There was one part of Uluru we could touch and climb in.  It was like a great big wave.  We did not walk very far because it was getting late.  It is 9km to walk around the base of Uluru.

The next day we went for a walk in the Valley of the Winds at Kata Tjuta (The Olgas).  Kata Tjuta means many heads.  It was about 7½km round the valley and up the hills.  We saw lots of birds and flowers.  The hills or “heads” were so big.  We climbed up very high in some parts.


Kings Canyon

The next day we took our Caravan to Kings Canyon.  It was a very pretty place.  We had a fantastic view from our caravan site looking towards the canyon.  We got up early the next morning and did the rim walk.  It was a 6km walk with a 500m climb almost straight up at the beginning.  We took it slow.  Mum and Dad said it was well worth it.  The views were fantastic.




Simpson's Gap

We left Kings Canyon and headed back to the main highway so we could get to Alice Springs.  We used Alice Springs as a base to explore some of the local area and the West MacDonnell Ranges.  Here we visited the Desert Park where I learnt lots about the native wildlife and also got my first taste of bush tucker…..bush tomato did not taste much like tomato….  We also visited Standley Chasm , Simpson’s Gap, and Ellery Creek Big Hole.

Mum and Dad have now decided there is too much to see and we need a bit of a rest so I get to stay here at Alice Springs for a whole week, plus Mum says I must catch up on some school work.  My teacher has given Mum some work for me to do and I have to mail it back to her.

Until next time

Kit (Mini Nomad)

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