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Posted by on April 15, 2012

Hi there,

When last we left you we were enjoying a relaxing Christmas at Wynyard.  The first of our friends arrived on Boxing day and we began the next part of our adventure together.  Our plan for today was to snake our way westward towards Stanley in order to climb “The Nut” a must do for any tourist who is fit enough to make the steep walk up the track that zigzags its way to the top of the volcanic plug that forms the aptly named “Nut”. Off course for those not quite fit enough there is always the chair lift.

Table Cape Fossil Walk

We were blessed with a magnificent sunny day and ventured out bright an early to pick our way across the north west coast towards Stanley and the Nut.  Kit was very excited to have some friends to hang around with rather than a couple of old timers like us.  Our first stop was at Table Cape to explore the coastline at low tide and look at the fossils found everywhere in the rock formations.  The harsh winds and conditions here have worked their magic on the rough coastline to expose the many thousands of fossilised sea creatures that lived here millions of years ago.  We clambered over the rocks and found thousands of shells exposed in the wind and water worn rocks that had fallen from the cliff face.

A short drive west from Table Cape we found Rocky Cape National Park, another pristine wilderness with rugged cliffs and crystal clear waters lapping white sandy beaches or pounding sheer orange and grey cliffs.


The problem we are finding with Tasmania, if you can call it a problem is at every turn you find another beautiful vista to explore…….6 weeks will not be enough.

Rocky Cape with The Nut in the background

Today was not a bush walking day it was a day for exploring so we drove our cars up to the top of lookouts and then back down to beaches and at every turn we were greeted with yet another photo opportunity.  This beautiful countryside lends itself to many a photo buff.  I think anyone could come away with some fantastic “happy snaps” that would be worthy of any publication.  The young and older alike explored short tracks and rocky crags to their heart’s content.  The light breeze kept the suns burning rays to a comfortable level, however we were careful to cover up with sunscreen, hats and sunnies.


We left Rocky Cape and headed towards Stanley, we could have stopped at many more scenic vistas as these but we were on a mission to climb that Nut and check out a free camp we were thinking of stopping at.  So off we headed westward to Stanley.


Before our trek to the top, we decided to have a picnic lunch in the park at the western side of The Nut.  We sat on the lush green lawn and watched the local surfers ride the smooth blue waves with a light breeze keeping the temperature bearable and us keeping a hand on our picnic so it would not blow away.

View of the Chair Lift and beyond

Rested, fed and watered we headed back up to the base of The Nut to begin our climb to the top and a walk around the plateau.  Pete and Josh decided to go the way of the Chair Lift so Judi, Dave, Lauren, Kit and I headed off up the steep track to the top.  I was the least fit of the group so I brought up the rear and left the younger and fitter ones to head off at their own pace.  We huffed and puffed up each section of the zigzag track only to be greeted with a new and exciting view of the township of Stanley and the surrounding countryside.  What beauty this area of Tasmania has to offer.  You just seem to inhale the wonders of nature here, you can’t help but turn into a “Greenie” the fresh air and invigorating breeze just fills your whole body with energy.

I took my time to make sure I made it to the top.  This is not a walk I would recommend for anyone without a reasonable level of fitness, I would also recommend not being a hero, take your time and enjoy the experience, the chair lift is available so use it, there is plenty of walking to do at the top.  Either way you get to the top you will be rewarded with some of the most breathtaking scenery.  We walked the 2km track around the plateau and took in all that was on offer on such a beautiful sunny summers day.

Dave heading back down the hillside


I think we all ended up with a bit too much sun today but it was worth it.  We returned home as travellers and explorers should exhausted and happy with some more new memories for future campfire stories.


Until next time


Live the Moment

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